Our Interior Journey

"Lord God, let me know myself. Let me know You."

One of the most important discoveries of Saint Augustine was his spiritual journey into the greatest depths within his being.

In this route of interiority, he met God at the centre of his being, and in that encounter came to know himself too. With great insight, he prayed, "Lord, let me know myself, let me know you."

Everyone is invited to take this inner journey. It is best experienced through silence and solitude. In the monastery, our observance of external silence allows an inner silence to reveal itself, and in interior silence and inner stillness we hear and encounter Jesus. Saint Augustine assures us: "God is closer to us than we are to ourselves."

This contemplative journey requires the lifelong task of growing in self-knowledge.

This, in turn, leads to ever deepening spiritual conversion. In allowing Jesus to transform our hearts in his love, we will come to recognise the loving plan of God in the work set before us.

It is Christ who will accomplish in us all that we hope and desire.

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